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Sinker Release

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Many party boats prefer to fish very heavy lead weights instead of diving planers like the Deep Six when fishing lines very close together in a tight spread. Sometimes running up to 32- or 48-ounces of lead (2 or 3 pounds!) to stay in the strike zone, the last thing an angler wants to do is fight both the lead weight and the fish. Luhr-Jensen Sinker Releases are spring loaded. When a fish strikes, the force they place on the line releases the weight, and the angler is free to fight the fish unencumbered. Available in three sizes- 001 (1-2 lb. tension release), 002 (3-4 lb. tension release) and 003 (5-7 lb. tension release).


  • Fight fish without a sinker
  • Two swivels to reduce line twist
  • Corrosion resistant finish